Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Megatrends already at play: Evidence from the Middle East

During the last couple of months of last year- 2010 - we evaluated the key megatrends that will have a significant impact on future societies and businesses. What we are seeing at the moment across the Middle East appears to be a reflection of many of these ‘trends’.

Over the past month and a half, we have seen revolts in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya; young students and professionals demonstrating, in some cases with arms, against what they perceive as an oppressive regime. The increased connectivity of the region coupled with an educated youth faced with unemployment rates of close to 30% has been driving force behind the demonstrations and echoes the ‘trends’ we discussed in our previous blogs.

The unrest in the Middle East has also clearly impacted the price of oil and it raises questions once again about our dependence on fossil fuels and how we ought to continue our focus to find more sustainable energies if we don’t want to be held to ransom by a volatile region.

It is fair to say that the ‘megatrends’ of the next 5 to ten years are evidently a reality now and the events in the Middle East are good example of them at play.

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