Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trends that are shaping the World – part 6

Sustainability is the sixth megatrend that will have a significant global impact over the next 10-15 years. There will need to be a balance between fuelling the growth of emerging economies and the environmental impact that this will have, both in terms of socio-economic damage but also the depletion of finite resources. This will continue to be an important topic for the world’s largest economies to tackle which may even lead to a more protectionist approach as countries look to secure the necessary inputs to achieve economic development and growth.

From a business perspective, consumption of raw materials will continue to be driven by global growth which suggests that prices can only go one way. How companies manage their resource requirements and how these are sourced will increasingly become a competitive advantage.

Renewable energy growth, driven by Government incentives and increasing efficiency and affordability of technology is likely and as such, we are likely to see a shift away from a dependency on oil and a rise in the importance of renewable within the Energy mix.

Maximising the return on resources may well become one of the key business metrics of the future.

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