Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Changing Competitor Landscape in the Satellite Navigation Space

With the growth of mobile and smart phone users and applications built for these devices, Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs), like those manufactured by TomTom and Garmin, are set to face a tough challenge from GPS-enabled mobile phones. While Google and Apple are set to redefine the navigation space, with terms like Mobile Internet Devices (MID) getting clearer definitions, it is still too early to say which direction the navigation market will move in or what niche each player will create for itself. There are arguments for both PNDs and smart phone based navigation systems alike - will the future belong to PNDs, Mobiles or both?

For a thoughtful article discussing the shifting competitor landscape, explore the following link - http://mycoordinates.org/pnd-vs-mobile-is-landscape-shifting/.

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